This summer our ESL/Citizenship classes took another trip, this time to Boston, MA.  Here we explored the Freedom Trail, USS Constitution, and Quincy Market.  We took a guided walking tour along the Freedom Trail.  We saw the Old South Meeting House,  Old State House and the site of the Boston Massacre.  We also explored the USS Constitution. The USS Constitution is the world’s oldest naval vessel afloat. Students were in awe to see this. For many, it was their first time being on a ship like this. They did not realize these ships still existed. It was truly a new experience for them.  At Quincy Market the students were met with the sights, sounds and scents of Boston. Food, shops and street performers were all around. Our students grabbed some food and watched the entertainment of street performers while we waited for our tour to begin.  At the very end of our outing mother nature decided it was time for a downpour.  Despite the rain, the students had an amazing time, enjoyed every minute and were very grateful.

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